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How we use your feedback to improve

At Eastern Health we greatly value your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience of care. Wherever possible, we try and make improvements based on feedback. The table below includes some of the changes we have made from stories and feedback shared.

You said

We did

“We went to an appointment in obstetrics booked at 9:05am - told to get there 20 minutes early. The admin lady was rude and cold when we asked what was happening, and we waited for 2.5 hours before getting seen at 11:00am.

Also, while in consultation with the doctor, some other man walked into the room with her coffee, without knocking or announcing his arrival. If I was trying to have a private discussion with a doctor, or my wife had had to remove clothes this would be entirely inappropriate.

The doctor also took down all the notes of what we were talking about, but none of our complaints. We also watched (as you can imagine) several people go into their appointments even though they had arrived after us.”


This idea will be incorporated into the review of the inpatient Patient Information Handbook. The couple have provided further feedback regarding the content of the Handbook and review the draft version.


“…the other item that I felt was slightly annoying in my experience was the stem cell donation. I had already sent in my letter stating that I was happy to donate the stem cell. However, the person who was in charge of this arrived when I was in labour with a sheet full of questions ... I was barely conscious and suffering with labour pains when all these questions were posed at me. She did not even know that I had already sent through my donation letter voluntarily. I had to remind her. I feel that the stem cell donation questions to the patient, which I understand are mandatory, should be posed to the patient at a better time and not when in labour.” The Cord Blood Nurses acknowledge that the current process is far from ideal and are always sensitive to women’s willingness and ability to progress with their cord blood donation on an individual basis. They are currently looking at ways to improve the service, particularly the process of completing declaration and consent forms.



Play Panel for waiting room

In April 2016 a pregnant woman wrote to us via Patient Opinion to tell us about her experience of waiting for a long time for an injection at Box Hill Hospital. She had brought her toddler because her previous appointments had been quick but because of the long wait her toddler became bored and restless. In her story the woman suggested that a waiting room that commonly has young children in it could have a basic box of toys.

We did not have a box of toys due to infection control issues however Janet Horman, our Associate Program Director for the Women & Children Program, recommended installing a play panel (see below photo) as these are safe and meet infection control requirements. We are pleased to say that a play panel has now been installed and there will be other areas that will also get play panels in the future.

Play panel

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