Lessons to learn to prevent suicide

Friday, March 10, 2017

Eastern Melbourne PHN and Eastern Health are seeking participation from families and individuals in the community who have been affected by suicide, and who would be willing to lend their insights to the design of new suicide prevention services for Maroondah.

At a forum to be convened this month, interested residents from Maroondah and surrounding areas will be invited to help shape the design of new local service responses that the two organisations plan to roll out in Maroondah in 2017-18.

The forum will be hosted by Eastern Melbourne PHN and Eastern Health’s Maroondah Hospital, and will involve individuals who have previously attempted suicide, as well as families and carers who have been impacted by such tragic events. Both organisations will use the input from the forum participants to design proposed new services for Maroondah including an Eastern Health Hospital Outreach Post-suicide attempt Engagement (HOPE) Initiative, and Eastern Melbourne PHN’s new suicide prevention initiative.

Eastern Health Chief Executive, David Plunkett, said the event was an important opportunity for individuals impacted by suicide to contribute to the planning and development of services.

“We know that there is no single cause of suicide, and that there is no simple solution to prevent it. Each death by suicide has its own unique story, so we want to hear about the kinds of support that may help reduce the risk of suicide and to understand the gaps,” Mr Plunkett said.

Mr Plunkett said people are encouraged and supported to speak honestly about their experiences.

“The forum is very much about learning how we can best respond to individuals impacted by suicide,” Mr Plunkett said.

Eastern Melbourne PHN Chief Executive Officer, Robin Whyte, said learnings from the event will be used to design better ways to prevent potential suicide, and to support those who may be impacted.

“There are people from all backgrounds who have valuable insights to offer.

Their contribution and real experiences will play a vital part in a future service system,” Ms Whyte said.

Ms Whyte said the service system can only be improved by listening to people who have first-hand experience using it, along with the community who may need to access support in the future.

“We’re keen to know how we can work better to support people, not only when people are experiencing a crisis, but how we can help before they reach that stage as well,” Ms Whyte said.

Suicide and Suicide Prevention: the community response will be held on Monday 20 March 6pm – 8.30pm at the Karralyka Centre, Mines Rd, Ringwood VIC 3134. Registrations are essential.

Details: 9046 0300 or email RSVP by Friday 17 March.