Services we offer

We triage all referrals to the APMHS between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm. We can be contacted on 1300 721 927. We address referrals from anyone. This component of the service is managed by the APMH Access Team.

When a referral is accepted for assessment the client or their next of kin will be contacted by a mental health clinician to organise the assessment. Following the assessment and in collaboration with the client and family/Carer a recommendation will be made for an appropriate treatment/service either by the APMH or by an alternative community service.

We have a 30 bed short term acute assessment unit for clients who may require more intensive assessment and treatment in an inpatient admission.

When a client is accepted for treatment a Mental Health Clinician is appointed who will support the client/family/carer throughout their recovery journey.

Intensive community treatment is offered for clients who are more acutely unwell and may need an admission but would prefer to be treated at home. Referral to this service is made by the APMHS following an assessment and acceptance and with families /Carers for support and treatment. The aim of ICT is to prevent lengthy admissions and in the inpatient unit and in keeping with the philosophy of least restrictive environment. This component of the service is managed by the APMH Access Team.

This program works with clients/Carers who are in Commonwealth Residential Care Facilities. Referal to these service is through the APMH Access.

CL is offered by our psychiatrists to non-mental health wards in Peter James Centre and Wantirna Health.

APMHS offers consultation and education to other services and groups on request. There may be a fee for this service in certain circumstances.

Support for families and carers is a very important part of the service and APMHS has - support groups. The groups offer an opportunity for carers to meet, learn and support each other. APMHS has a Carer Consultant and can be contacted through the inpatient unit (South Ward, Peter James Centre, Burwood East).

We have two specialist residential care facilities for patients with challenging behaviours who may need longer term treatment and specialised psychiatric care. While these facilities are classified as nursing homes they are not permanent stay units.